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Innovative Stable 26 footgear technology was developed by a chiropractic doctor who has extensive experience treating athletes and a long history of proper fitting for shoes, ski boots, skates, and orthotics along with an interdisciplinary team of experts. The team understands how poorly most footwear actually fits and how that can impact athletes. Footwear manufacturers create generic sizes based on the shape of the “average foot.” Unfortunately, no one’s foot is exactly average. Due to ill-fitting footwear, the foot is not properly connected to the footwear leading to suboptimal sports performance.
Better fit for better performance.

Stable 26 footgear with its targeted silicone pads bridges the gaps and allows your shoes, boots, or skates to do what they are designed to do. This unique footgear stabilizes the foot (and its 26 bones), provides you with better fit, and that means you are able to perform better.

Stable 26 boasts a strong core executive team that includes enviable product, domain, and manufacturing knowledge, along with significant experience managing successful start-up companies. An extensive group of investors and advisors, including professional athletes, distributors, manufacturers, and business leaders also supports the success of Stable 26. The innovative brand is now sold in over 20 countries and worn by over 500 professional athletes across several sports.

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