Fitting Guide

Remember:- Recheck your fit monthly – your footwear changes over time.
– Try your Stable 26 footgear first during practice or training – not before an important game.
– Ensure that your footgear is still supportive and not wearing out.
– Start with the 4mm pads and go up or down in thickness as necessary.
– ANY discomfort with your Stable 26 footgear means you need to try a different configuration of pads1. Pull on the footgear with the pads inserted.
– The toe of the footgear is marked L for left or R for right.
– Ensure the footgear is properly aligned.
– The stitch pattern should not twist around your foot, ankle, or shin

2. Put on your footwear.
– Always undo the footwear first to make sure the pads are not squeezed and pushed out of position.
– Place your foot in your footwear and ensure that your heel is placed as far back as possible.
– Tighten and tie the laces.

– The correct fit supports and stabilizes the foot.
– There should be no negative space in your footwear, but you also should not feel the silicone.
– The heel should be supported without sensations of pressure, pain, numbness, or a change in the position of your foot.
– Your heel should be able to move slightly to accommodate natural movement during weight bearing.
– Your heel should not be able to move laterally (side to side) or lift up.

3. Get out there, and try them out.
– After practice or training, look for signs of increased pressure: blisters, redness, or calluses.
– A perfect fit should reduce these signs post-exercise.

4. Adjust the pads, if necessary.
– Your feet may be slightly different in size and shape, so they may require different pad thicknesses.
– A custom fit pack will provide you with over 32 different combinations of silicone
– Custom fit packs are available at your Stable 26 retailer or online at

5. Inserting new silicone pads.
– Position your index finger under the longer portion of the pad, with your thumb on the top of the pad.
– Use your other hand to gently open the front of the pocket.
– Guide the longer portion of the pad up the longer portion of the pocket.
– Fold the shorter portion of the pad, and insert it into the pocket.
– Flatten the pad out within the pocket, ensuring that it lays smooth from edge to edge of the pocket.

To keep your footgear in top condition:
1. Put the footgear in the mesh bag to wash.
2. You may leave the pads inside the pockets.
3. Dry the footgear in the dryer to help retain their fit (do not hang to dry).
4. These socks should stay with your footwear as they are now equipment that is custom fit for your performance and comfort.

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