Why Stable 26 for Skiing?

Enjoy greater stability and comfort for better agility on the slopes.

Stable 26 footgear enhances the stability of your rear foot for better fit, improved comfort and performance resulting in improved edge control and weight shift. The unique padding at the shin further enhances fit and comfort.

Product Details:

  • Material – Breathable ergonomic nylon (Ski Pro only), Merino wool (Ski Tibia only)
  • Silicone pads – 2mm and 4mm medial and lateral silicone pads, 5mm and 10mm tibia pads (ski tibia only)
  • Colours – white, black
  • Machine Wash

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Custom Fit Pack

For extra customization, additional Silicone Pads are available

(2) 2 mm, (2) 4mm, and (2) 6mm

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