Stable 26 Technology

The Stable 26 Approach

Stable 26 is patented performance sock technology developed to improve support, stability, and comfort in your footwear. In order to stabilize the feet (and its 26 bones), Stable 26 socks feature medial and lateral silicone pads to eliminate negative space around the heel resulting in a better fit, better comfort, and better performance. The innovative technology locks the heel in place, enhancing the connection between your foot and your footwear thus optimizing the body’s stability.

When the fit is not perfect (and it almost never is), there are small gaps where your foot is not adequately connected to your footwear. These gaps are called “negative space.” Stable 26 footgear eliminates negative space with medial and lateral silicone pads, allowing the shoe, boot, or skate to work as intended without loss of momentum or power.


Third party studies have shown Stable 26 sock technology can improve the body’s ability to stabilize by up to 15%. Read More


  • Silicone pads customize fit to improve comfort and performance
  • Provides better support and stability
  • Improves entire body’s stability by up to 15%
  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Increases shock absorption
  • Eliminates hot spots and reduces friction and blisters
  • Improves alignment and function of foot, ankle, knee and hips

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